Kid’s Morning Out – (Ages 18 months-36 months)

Our Kid’s Morning Out classes are designed to offer toddlers a safe, healthy, secure and welcoming environment among their peers.  Helping children transition from Mom to “school”, this program encourages early cooperative play while working on socialization, sharing, taking turns, independence and respect for others, self and the environment. Children’s natural curiosity of the world around them will be piqued while exploring through theme based activities including stories, centers, music, art, and large muscle play. Colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and more are all introduced in a fun, non-intrusive, play-based setting.  This program is offered as a one or two day class and is open for children who are 18 months-3 years by August 1st.   Our typical breakdown of age appropriate classes is:
  • M/T- 2 1/2-3 year olds
  • W- 2 1/2-3 year olds
  • Th- 18 month-2 year olds
  • F- 2-2 1/2 year olds
Each class has a maximum of ten children and is led by two teachers.
Three Year Old
 Our three year old classes engage children in a safe and fun environment focused on how children learn best, through play!  Focusing on the process of learning, children are exposed to art, science, manipulatives, stories, games, creative dramatics, music, and large muscle play through various hands on, child led activities facilitated by experienced teachers.  Large and small group play and working one on one with their teacher helps each child develop at their own pace while strengthening confidence and self esteem. Children are introduced to a wide variety of concepts including recognition of colors, shapes, numbers, letters, listening skills, social skills and more through activities explored and introduced throughout the day that help develop a strong base to build a bright future!  Our three year old classes experience Children’s Church twice a month.
Four Year Old – This class is a traditional “Pre-K” program that helps to prepare children for a smooth transition into kindergarten and builds upon subjects introduced in the three year old class while also introducing new concepts such as numeration, early literacy, geography and more that will allow your child to enter kindergarten fully prepared! Working with a purposeful play philosophy, this program encourages curiosity and exploration through hands on activities that help to develop the “whole child” and spark a love of learning.  Using the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards as a guide, our experienced and degreed teachers develop theme related activities for children to work through at their own pace.  Throughout the day our children work  through large and small group activities and also one on one with their teacher.  Our four year old classes experience Children’s Church twice a month.

Stepping Stones –  Our Stepping Stones class is designed as an enrichment class for children who have already completed the 3 and 4-year programs (either here or elsewhere) but are not yet ready for kindergarten.  Being a developmental preschool, we understand that each child develops at their own pace and  that at the end of our “Pre-K” class some children may not be fully ready for kindergarten for whatever the reason.  A “bridge” between pre-k and kindergarten, our Stepping Stones program builds on skills from our three and four year old programs and takes learning to the next level.  Whether it be reading and writing or working on social and emotional skills, Stepping Stones helps to ensure that the “whole” child is ready for success in kindergarten. Stepping Stones experience Children’s Church twice a month.

Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Sarah’s classes enjoy the Pumpkin Patch
Stepping Stones Extension 
  Our Stepping Stones Extension class extends our normal Stepping Stones experience from 3 hours a day to 7 hours!   Expanding skills from Stepping Stones, our extension program has children taking a “road trip” through the United States!  From Maine to California, our children learn fascinating facts about America through hands on exploration.  Cooking, art, science, field trips and more help children to embrace the spirit of America.