Bright Beginnings follows the Springboro school calendar concerning holidays and school closings. The school year begins the Tuesday after Labor Day in September and goes the week before Memorial Day in May.  A school calendar with any days the school will be closed will be given to you separately and will be posted in the pre-school office.  The Preschool does not close for in-service or conference days scheduled by Springboro schools. Our a.m. classes begin at 8:45 am and end at 11:45 am.  Our “Lunch bunch” programs run from 12:00 to 12:45 p.m. on days offered. Our p.m. classes are from 12:45-3:45.    Kindergarten Exploration is offered daily.


During inclement weather, Bright Beginnings follows the Springboro School Systems decision to close due to weather or road conditions.  Please listen to WHIO radio, Channel 7 or 2 news, or check at http://www.springboro. for this information.  We will also place closing information on the Home page of this website.


  • If Springboro schools close due to weather/road conditions, Bright Beginnings will close.
  • If Springboro schools operate on a one-hour delay, Bright Beginnings will open as scheduled.
  • If Springboro schools operate on a two hour delay, Bright Beginnings will open one hour late.
Kindergarten Exploration will keep on a regular schedule if Springboro Schools are delayed one hour and will be delayed by one hour if Springboro Schools have a two hour delay.  A.C.E. students will be transported to Springboro school buildings at appropriate times if there is a one or two hour delay.