AM Drop off 
Please walk your child to our classroom in the morning. The doors in the hallway leading to the classrooms are closed until 8:40 am to allow the teachers to get ready for the their day. You may wait outside of the doors until 8:40.
PM pick up
We are happy to offer a pick-up line, you will receive a car tag with your child’s name during the first week of school. During pick up time (4:00), you will need to follow the directions below and pull in front of the church, hold your child’s sign up and we will bring the child out to you. PLEASE DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR! After we have placed the child in the car, please pull up (far enough to out of the line) and then buckle your child in. If you would rather come in to pick up your child, please park in the side lot (by fellowship hall) and walk around to the front doors. PLEASE follow the instructions for the car line and DO NOT CUT IN LINE. We do not want anyone to get hurt. If we are all working together, it will run smoothly. Thank you for your support!
Please pick up your child at 4:00 pm.
Car Line Directions
Take 741 south into Springboro
Take a left onto North Street then a right into the parking lot
Follow around parking lot until you get to the exit
Look to make sure there isn’t a line in front of the church, if not, proceed to the front of our church, following the line. If there is a line, please wait until the line starts moving. Please do not block East street or the alley.
Have your child’s car tag ready. Pull into the line and follow the traffic flow.
Please do not pull in front of cars or back up and pull around unless instructed.
After your child has been placed in the car, please pull up next to the empty lot for buckling your child in. Thanks!