Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool offers programs for children that encourages growth of the “whole” child intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually through developmental learning.

Our preschool classes work with center based activities as they experience and explore in a hands on environment that focuses on the process of learning and creating rather than the product.  We foster learning by providing children with a whole language and phonemic curriculum with literacy rich activities that incorporate the use of big books, story reading, creating stories, puppetry, songs and more. This approach focuses on guiding children’s learning at their developmental level.  Classroom activities center around thematic units, which provide a focal point for exploration, use of language, and cognitive development.

A whole language program is a way of teaching and learning where language is kept whole, meaningful, and purposeful.  It is child-centered and based on a child’s interests and strengths.  Phonemic awareness (phonics) is the idea that our speech is made up of sounds and that these sounds are represented by symbols, for instance the alphabet.  Our classes introduce these wonderful ways to learn through a fun, hands on process that each child experiences at their own pace.

Children learn about habitats, weather, the calendar and the world around them through sequencing, measuring, problem solving, sorting and more in our Discovery centers.  Exploration and creativity will have children learning math and science through various hands on activities that spark questions and answers.

Working with various materials in art will inspire many exciting creations. Taking pride in their creativity will help develop a positive self-esteem, which is an important part of the child’s development as a whole.

Our drama centers will encourage language, and role playing as children use their vivid imaginations to become moms and dads, master chefs, brave firefighters, life saving surgeons, puppeteers, story book characters, and more.

The wonderful feeling of music and movement will be expressed through different songs, musical instruments, and finger-plays as children learn old favorites and create new ones of their own.

What is childhood without running, jumping and climbing?  Our large muscle room and outside playground are filled with slides, tunnels, ride on toys, balls, balance beams and more to allow for healthy habits of exercise and fun to develop.  Outside hikes and play will also take place as we explore our world.

Creating an environment that peaks curiosity, adds a sense of wonder and allows a child to make discoveries about the world around them is what Bright Beginnings is all about.