Galaxy Getaway
June 3-7- Astronaut Training Camp: Calling all space cadets! Join us this week as we learn about what it takes to make it to space as an astronaut and prepare to launch! Did you know that the name astronaut comes from the word astron nautes which means “star sailor”?  Or that NASA uses some of the world’s largest swimming pools to train for their missions to space? It takes a lot of training to know the ins and outs of space travel and at the end of the week we will be ready for blast off!! Tentative Field Trips: Air Force Museum, Wilson Park Pool
June 10-14- Expedition Earth: Exploring our home planet Earth is what this week is all about! The third planet from the sun is home to over 7.5 billion people and the only planet in our solar system with life. From its incredible atmosphere to the molten and magnetic core, experience how truly special our home planet is.  Join us as we fly high and dig deep trying our hand at excavating, creating and erupting a volcano filled with “lava”, mining for minerals, working with rain clouds, tornados and more! Tentative Field Trips: Patricia Allyn Park, Springboro Splash Pad
June 17-21- Alien Encounters:  Are we alone in the galaxy? Are extra-terrestrials real?  We will be on a quest this week to search for signs of life apart from earth.  U.F.O.’s, ecto-plasma, space blaster’s and more will be a part of this exciting adventure on a search for neighbors in space. Tentative Field Trips: Happen’s Toy Lab, Ninjobstacles
June 24-28 – Voyaging to Venus, Mercury and more:  Planets have a lot more to them than you think!  Did you know that Mercury is named for the Roman god of war?  Or that Venus is named for the Roman god of love?  Did you know that Venus has no moons or that Mercury is hot, but still has ice?  So many things to discover, so little time… Tentative Field Trips: Boonshoft Museum, North Park
July 8-12 – Glimpsing into the Gas Giants:  Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are all full of gas! Did you know that Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is a great comet catcher? Or that Saturn’s rings are made up of ice crystals? The pressure is intense in these planets, but so is the fun!  Join us as we have a “gas” of a time! Tentative Field Trips: Roller Skating, Twin Creek Metro Park
July 15-19 – Magnifying the Moon: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  This week we will step out on the moon and experience what it was like for the first astronauts to make it to the moon. From lift off to touch down, we will explore and discover NASA-style. Did you know that you weigh less on the moon than you do on Earth?  Or that gravity is from the moon? Join us as we dust off some moon dust and settle in for fun! Tentative Field Trips: Get Air, North Park
July 22 – 26 – Mission to Mars:  Come on an adventure with us to the red planet!  Did you know that there have been over 40 missions to Mars, but only 18 have been successful?  This week we will touch down and explore all of this iron rich planet, including the highest mountain in the solar system. This is also VBS week and we will be exploring where God’s power can take us! (Please note:  Our half day for this week is our morning VBS which requires a separate registration.)  Tentative Field Trips: Caesar Creek Fossil dig, hiking at Patricia Allen Park
July 29 – August 2 – Surfin’ around the Sun:  Pack your sunglasses and sunscreen this week as we venture close to the center of our solar system.  We will learn all about the star that we depend on to survive and then ride the Milky Way to explore the more than 250 billion stars in our galaxy.  Tentative Field Trips: Cincinnati Observatory Center, COSI
August 5 – 9 – Planet Palooza: Comets, Asteroids and Planets, oh my! Our summer exploration continues as we steer our space craft towards comets, asteroids and dwarf planets.  We will attempt to avoid any cosmic collisions or getting lost in space as we venture the farthest away from our home planet and see what challenges and resources are out of this world! Full and Extended Day only this week (no half day). Tentative Field Trips: River’s Edge Rafting, Challenge Island/ Armco Park