Discipline Policy
Positive reinforcement and positive redirection helps a child to learn the boundaries in a nurturing, non-threatening way. We want all children to have a positive experience in our programs and to learn that ultimate discipline comes from within and does not depend on external rewards or punishment to do the right thing. In order to help children learn this, the teachers and staff at Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool focus on the positive. We will “catch them being good” and praise good behavior in the hope that this positive attention will give them a good feeling that they will want to experience again and again. If a child is having a bad day we will redirect his/her attention to another area or separate him/her from the situation to regain control of emotions. As teachers, an important task is helping the children learn from positive reinforcement to develop their inner discipline. Bright Beginnings will treat anyone on the premises with positive reinforcement and redirection. We listen and use our best judgment to right any wrongs and keep self-esteem and self-control intact. Bright Beginnings understands that we are all special gifts from God and we will not permanently dismiss a child at any time due to behavior. Discipline means “to teach”.  If we have discipline/ behavior issues with a child, their teacher will meet with the director and parents to form a plan of action to best help the child learn boundaries. Behavior modification techniques may be implemented and follow-up meetings will be scheduled to monitor growth.   If a child is having trouble with teachers and peers he/she will be removed from the group at the time temporarily and given the opportunity to calm down and regroup.  If this occurs then parents will be notified by the Director or Teacher so that they are aware of behavior.   On-going behavior problems will be dealt with on an individual basis. Parents, Director and Administrator will work together to decide the best path for the child and school. This policy applies to all employees of the school. In The Event Of An Emergency If your child is hurt by another child, falls down, or gets hurt in any manner requiring first aid (illness requiring first aid, injury or accident, bump or blow to the head, emergency transporting, or any unusual or unexpected event that jeopardizes the safety of children or staff) an incident report form will be filled out by the teacher in charge, explained to you, and signed by you. A copy will be made for you and a copy will go in your child’s file. Bright Beginnings offers a safe, non-threatening environment, but unfortunately accidents do happen and the preschool cannot be held responsible. Bright Beginnings staff members are certified and trained in CPR and first aid. In the event of a fire, intruder or natural disaster, staff will either evacuate the children according to the fire evacuation chart in the classroom by evacuating through the nearest door and meeting in the side lot or bring children to the hallway (in the case of a tornado, for instance) where they will sit with their classes until the threat is over. The teachers will always have their attendance charts with them in order to account for all children at all times. If the school experiences a power outage, or loss of heat or water, children will be kept in their classes with their teachers while parents are called. If there is a serious accident and a parent, emergency contact, or doctor cannot be reached, Bright Beginnings will seek medical attention for your child by calling 911. Emergency Treatment Forms MUST be signed to allow for this. All children will be supervised at all times in the event of an emergency. The Bright Beginnings Christian Preschool staff will work with each other to maintain proper ratios in the event of an emergency.’ Parents must sign the “consent for transportation” in case of emergency treatment form in order for us to provide care. This is to ensure that, if needed, we can get immediate care for the children in our program. Children cannot be permitted to enroll without this form.